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September entries posted below (title listed newest first; full entries posted below in chronological order):

Setember 16, 2016, The Scott Gerlicher testimony: Another Red Flag
September 12, Pitched battles with Somali Activists inthe streets of Minneapolis
September 12, Red Flag Alert Regarding Minnesota's Two Senators
September 6, The Quest for Truth continues. When will Minnesota’s Judiciary Committee Senators stop blocking the truth?

The Scott Gerlicher testimony: Another Red Flag

Setp 16, 2016

Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Officer Scott Gerlicher’s testimony in a Hennepin County District Court in 2009 caught the attention of investigators for the US Senate Judiciary Committee regarding constitutional and civil rights violations here in the City of Minneapolis. 

In 2009, Scott Gerlicher was Deputy Chief in charge of the Office of Professional Standards. Today he is MPD Commander of the MPD's Strategic Information and Crime Analysis Division. Commander Gerlicher is also the lead Public Safety Planner for Super Bowl LII in 2018 and NCAA Final Four in 2019, both to occur in what we call our new Vikings stadium, although the offical names are US Bank Stadium in the NFL world, and Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium in the public sector-public use sector.

His testimony was extremely damaging to the law suit of Lt. Andy Smith and Sgt King, now serving as deputy sheriffs in the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department.  Gerlicher’s testimony was dramatic, as it went into depth about a sting operation run by white law enforcement officers Lt. Andy Smith and King. The used the complex multi-level multi-agency VOTSF complications to rip off the Drug Enforcement Administration through its transactions in Chicago.

The rip off worked this way:  the VOTF (Violent Offenders Task Force) indicated they had two black informants who had penetrated a very large illegal drug ring in Chicago, Illinois.  The MPD narrative, or in this case, the narrative of the VOTF (Violent Offenders Task Force) unit, was that the informants would purchase $100,000 in illegal drugs, and that would lead to the break up of the black drug gang in Chicago. 

Gerlicher’s testimony, spelled out in great detail during his hour and a half testimony, testimony never reported in a major newpaper, testimony that is in the c

Pitched battles with Somali Activists in the streets of Minneapolists
Monday afternoon, September 12, 2016
WHY has there been no reporting in the Twinc Cities of the pitched battles fought in the streets on the outsckirts of downtown Minneapolis between Somali fighters and Minn law enforcement personnel?  There were arrests and injuries, but as of 8:45 pm, tonight, Monday, there have been no reports whatsoever  Things became very tense after a two hour pitched battle.  Stay tuned

Written Tuesday evening, September 12, 2016
Posted Wednesday afternoon, September 13, 2016, 5:24 a.m.

September 13, 2016

Why has Minnesota’s two senators asked for meetings behind closed doors with U.S. Senate Judiciary Chairman Glassley.  Is it because they want to keep the discussions that took place behind closed doors suppressed?  Regardless, it will take some tall explaining as to why they were not able to defend the Democrat machine from some very embarrassing revelations about racism and retaliation against a Minneapolis white police lieutenant and the conspiracy by white officers to effectively destroy the Minneapolis Black Police Officers Association.  And what was the narrative in the appointment of the two federal prosecutors to district court appointments here in Minnesota, in Hennepin County and in Scott County?  And what type of questions were raised by Republican Senators Lindsay Graham, Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz and others, that caused some very heated exchanges behind the closed door of the very powerful US Senate Judiciary Committee.  Continue to follow postings regarding future developments here.

Written Tuesday afternoon, September 12, 2-016
Posted Wednesday, September 13, 2016, 5:12 a.m.

The Quest for Truth continues.
When will Minnesota’s Judiciary Committee Senators stop blocking the truth?

Sept 6, 2016

It is not surprizing that the Republicans on the US Senate Judiciary Committee were disgusted by the resistance of Minnesota’s two Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee to show an interest in and deal honestly and fairly with their investigation into civil rights violations of African Americans in Minneapolis.  This included violations committed against the Black Police Officers Association and a white officer who stood up for them.   

The Republican senators were particularly disturbed at the lack of interest in and comfort level displayed by the Minnesota Democrat Senators on the committee, as they looked the other way when the investigation revealed a victim who was an African American.  The story appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune edition of April 19, 2009.  The widow’s husband was murdered by a federal informant.  The widow’s street name used in the Star Tribune story was “she baby.” 

Was their lack of interest because of her name and that these were blacks? 

The Republican senators were also disturbed by how easily the Democratic senators remained silent during the year of discussions about this investigation, including how the Minneapolis Star Tribune refused to respond to pertinent information for the investigagion sent by the attorney for Sgt Michael Keefe in early May of 2016.

Tomorrow in this blog, we will discuss the rewards that were given out to liberal democrats who carried out this miscarriage of justice.

Stay tuned.

Written September 6, 2016
Posted September 7, 12:45 p.m.

September 2, 2016

It has been made clear to this colunist that it was the purjered testimony given in the presence of at least two federal judges, that caused the US Senate Judiciary Committee to vote along party lines to recommend an investigation by their own investigators. Upon their completion a year later, the Committee recommended to the criminal division of the Department of Justice that an immediate investigation and formal action be taken, under Rule 18 of the Federal Criminal Code, that deals with conspiracy (see our blog entry of August 31, 2016).

We have also been made aware of the testimony of two former white MPD officrs (who are now working for the Hennepin County Sheriffs Office), testimony that became extremely crucial in the decision to recomomend the implimentation of Rule 18 of the Criminal Code. We call your attention to an article in the Wednesday, April 6, 2011 edition of the Minnealis Star Tribune, by reporter Randy Furst. It set in motion a deeper examinastion of the level of purjery by Minneapolis police officrs and government officials in an effort to destroy Keefe (then a Lt and now a Sgt). They also attempted to indict African American police officers. They were not successful, other than in the case of one senior African American officer.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was further puzzeled by the role of the police federation‘s silence in proteing the rights of then Lt. Keefe and at least 8 African Amer ican police officers.

Over the next couple of days we will report in this blog testimonies of two white officers, King and Smith in their law suit against the city of Minneapllis, a law suit that was not, at that time, against then Chief Tim Dolan. (Star Tribune story, “Two officers sue alledging retaliatory demotions; officers transferred to less lucrative positons for their roles in department corruptions.

We will also report the anger that permeated the Senate Judiciary Committee’s closed door hearings on the purjery and on the violation of constituionl protections that ultimately swept across the Capital building to put pressure on the Minnesota delegation in the US House of Representatives in regards to the violagtions

There are questions today, as this post is being written, as to why the two votes taken by Federation since May to support Sgt Keefe and the African Americans under the protection of the law both failed to vote to provide the protection.

As this case continues to break, we will report the breaks in this blog.

Stay tuned

Posted Friday,, September 2, 2016, 3:05 p.m.

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