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2016 Columns

“Through My Eyes”

Weekly column of Ron Edwards
From the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Continuing The Minneapolis Story,
Ron’s “Black Focus,” airs Sundays, 5-6 p.m.,
On Channel 17, MTN-TV

Quarter 4: October thru December

December, 28, 2016 #52: No due process is business as usual at University of Minnesota.It’s a sad way to end an old year and begin a new one.

December, 21, 2016 #51: A challenge for the Black media.The new Kremlin in the West.

December, 14, 2016 #50: NO ARTICLE

December, 07, 2016 #49: North High School: a job well done. North wins Class 1A football championship.

November, 30, 2016 #48: NO ARTICLE

November, 23, 2016 #47: Election 2016: a challenger to the mayor.

November, 16, 2016 #46: NO ARTICLE

November, 09, 2016 #45: Murder in the streets of Minneapolis continue. The myth of good times are here again

November, 02, 2016 #44: NO ARTICLE

October, 26, 2016 #43: Tensions rise in the U.S.A.

October, 19, 2016 #42: NO ARTICLE

October, 12, 2016 #41: Why the violence in the face of prosperity?

October, 05, 2016 #40: NO ARTICLE

Quarter 3: July thru September

September, 28, 2016 #39: Somali community under scrutiny. Can St. Cloud and the Twin Cities heal? Who will take the initiative?

September, 21, 2016 #38: NO ARTICLE

September, 14, 2016 #37: Betrayal: will we fight it or feed it?

September, 07, 2016 #36: NO ARTICLE

August, 31, 2016 #35: NO ARTICLE

August, 24, 2016 #34: Trump challenges.Can Democrats respond?

August, 17, 2016 #33: Mike Baker out after 2016 season 

August, 10, 2016 #32: What is a confidential informant? What are the ground rules for handling an informant? When will being an informant no longer give them permission to commit crimes with impunity?

August, 03, 2016 #31: A great friend! A great coach!The passing of Dennis Green, at age 67

July, 27, 2016 #30: Consider not just “who” matters, but also “what” matters. Continued denial of underlying causes will keep violence predictable.

July, 20, 2016 #29: A Child Is Killed. A City is In Pain. A Two Year-Old Loses Life To Minneapolis Violence

July, 13, 2016 #28: Are we becoming little Chicago? Are w on the highway to self-imposed genocide?

July, 06, 2016 #27: Michael Baker is out at Theodore Wirth Golf Course

Quarter 2: April thru June

June, 29, 2016 #26: LeBron, LeBron, LeBron.A Man Who Kept His Promise to his state, his city and his team.

June, 22, 2016 #25: Terror grips America, again. Advantage Trump?

June, 15, 2016 #24: Muhammed Ali: a great world champion, legend. A great American who made a difference.

June, 08, 2016 #23: A gentle woman killed on the streets of Minneapolis.MPD chief reaches out to the community.

June, 01, 2016 #22: Racism inside Theodore Wirth golf course.White Mike Baker forced out by internal White racism.

May, 25, 2016 #21: Karl-Anthony Towns: NBA Rookie of the Year.Sam Mitchell: we thank you for a job well done.

May, 18, 2016 #20: The Continued Betrayal of African American Youth by Black Leadership

May, 11, 2016 #19: Shooting war rages on streets of Minneapolis. Political dangers for Minneapolis officials.

May, 04, 2016 #18: Prince: America’s musical genius. Rest in Peace!

April, 27, 2016 #17: Dusty Baker: Last Black MLB Manager Standing

April, 20, 2016 #16: Questionable conduct by county attorney in prosecution of Jerome Copeland.

April, 13, 2016 #15: Federal Grand Jury begins to prepare for Clark Case. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. will call the shots.

April, 06, 2016 #14: In the matter of Jamar Clark and Jerome C. Copeland. Jerome Copeland, an eyewitness to the death of Jamar Clark.

Quarter 1: January thru March

March, 30, 2016 #13: Trump’s anger and statement on rioting is troubling

March, 23, 2016 #12: In the matter of Jamar Clarks’ death. Has the integrity of the investigation been compromised?

March, 16, 2016 #11: University of MN Basketball a Disaster. No tournament invitations again this year.

March, 09, 2016 #10: The Donald is not a historian? He doesn’t know what a White supremacist is?

March, 2, 2016 #9: In the matter of Jamar Clark. Preparing for the Grand Juries

February, 24, 2016 #8: Loretta Lynch For U.S. Supreme Court. Its President Obama’s Call.

February, 17, 2016 #7: Your vote is not guaranteed in 2016. A lot of red flags and voter suppression.

February, 10, 2016 #6: The importance of respect and dignity during a crises. A community divided.

February, 03, 2016 #5: Goar is out. What next?

January, 27, 2016 #4: Jamar Clark Investigation Compromised. Investigator sabotages Integrity of Witness. 

January, 20, 2016 #3: The NFL’s Race Quota:  Nothing has Changed

January, 13, 2016 #2: Terrorists in Oregon: yes or no?

January, 06, 2016 #1: Sergio Paez is not a good fit for MPS. Disastrous MPS leadership process led to his selection


Ron hosts “Black Focus” on Channel 17, MTN-TV, Sundays, 5-6 pm. Formerly head of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the Urban League, he continues his “watchdog” role for Minneapolis.

Order his book at Hear his voice, read his solution papers, and read his between columns “web log” at

Permission is granted to reproduce The Minneapolis Story columns, blog entires and solution papers. Please cite the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder and for the columns. Please cite for blog entries and solution papers.

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