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Ron's 10 Media Message Platforms

Rod Edwards is an author, speaker, and host.

1. Weekly Column (since 2003), in MN Spokesman-Recorder
2. "Tracking the Gaps, Connecting the Dots" blog (since 2003)
3. Archives


TV: Host, Black Focus, Sundays, 5-6 pm, on Channel 17, MTN-TV


Blog Talk Radio: ON POINT!, Wednesdays, 8:30 pm, CST


Book: The Minneapolis Story Through My Eyes (2002)

7. Book: A Seat for Everyone: The Freedom Guide That Explores A Vision for America (2008);


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Solution Papers: for community social and economic development, extending the Minneapolis Story by promoting practical plans and strategies to enhance neighborhoods in their efforts regarding developing and achieving goals in the areas of education, jobs, housing,and public safety, while developing strong foundations for appropriate community based planning and economic development leading to families with graduations, jobs, housings. See especially #s 1819, 2223, 2947.