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March, 21, 2019 #06: The Mohammed Noor and Terrance Franklin. Trials Important trials in the pursuit of justice.

Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues..."
A weekly column by Ron Edwards, as featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Two important, high profile trials will soon take place in Minneapolis regarding Mohammed Noor and Terrance Franklin.

The first is the April trial of Mohammed Noor, the former Minneapolis Police officer, accused of murder and manslaughter in the shooting death of Justine Damond, July 15, 2017. Justine Damon, was a white Australian citizen. See my August 3, 2017 and my March 1 and July 5, 2018 columns.

The second trial, ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court, will deal with the violent death of Terrance Franklin at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers in the basement of a house in South Minneapolis, six years ago, was originally scheduled for April also. It has been postponed until October.

As we have noted before, the Minnesota State Constitution states that the decision of whether to indict or not indict is the purview of the Grand Jury, once empaneled, not the county attorney, which violated Noor's constitutional rights.

With the US Supreme Court's order in late 2017, to go to trial, the quest for justice for Terrance Franklin is finally upon us. See my 2013 columns of May 22, May 29, June 12, June 19.

In the case of former police officer Mohammed Noor, it is difficult to see how he will get a fair trial in the 2nd degree murder charge laid against him.

Both trials will test the scales of fairness and justice in our city.

The Appellate Law Firm in Washington D.C., argued the merits of the case of Terrance Franklin, for the trustee of his estate, his father Walter Louis Franklin II, Terrance Franklin's suing heir.

Minneapolis is the hardened defendant pursuing the idea that the pursuit of justice for the one will never be overcome by the quest of evasion by the many.

Many may pretend that they have forgotten the case of the death of Terrance Franklin, but it was the united decision of the US Supreme Court that justce would not be denied to Terrance Franklin and his heirs. His father, Walter Frankln, is to be admired for the tenacious pursuit of justice for his son.

The city is said to have agreed to settle for millions of dollars in the cae of Terance Franlin, but as of the writing of this column, we cannot find in the archives any such offer.

These trials will provide true testing, for the future of fairness and integrity in Minneapolis courts. Some felt the pursuit of justice would ever complete the cycle of lying about the brutal killing of Terrance Franklin six years ago. Finally we will hear of the circumstances, the facts, and the last moments of Terrance Franklin's life begore he was shot and killed in that basement.

The City of Minneapolis has protected wrong doing in the death of Franklin. It will be interesting to see how the federal trial judge rules on motions by the City of Minneapolis to block testimoney that is extremely embarrassing to the city and the calculated actions attempted by the city to cover the wrongful death of Terrance Franklin.

In is sad that for the exception of law firms and this column, the Frankloin family has had to sand alone. Before the decision of the US Supreme Court, the city felt it had it all figured out. Who would have thought that the US Supreme court would order that Terrance Franklin would had his day in court.

The cases of Mohammed Noor and Terrance Franklin shall be a demanding task in the pursuit of justice and race relations in the state of Minnesota.,

Stay tuned.

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March, 07, 2019 #05: Donald, Are You Happy Now?Conflict and Death in Venezuela

Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues..."
A weekly column by Ron Edwards, as featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

As we predicted a month ago, conflict, violence and death has erupted along the Venezuela - Columbia border. No one knows the true casualty figures, although foreign news media are indicating it is, so far, a small number of persons shot and killed. On the Venezuela – Brazil border, large caravans of trucks with food and medicine for the Venezuela people from the UN's World Health Organization, have been halted and prevented from entering by Venezuela's self-proclaimed leader, Arturo Maduro (America, most Latin American countries, and key European countries do not recognize Maduro as the legitimate leader).

The Trump Administration assured the American public and the rest of the world that the Venezuelan military would turn on the Maduro regime, causing it to fall. As of this writing, the Maduro government still stands. Will it continue to? As American propaganda is being promoted, Russia, China and Cuba continue to build fortifications and pour assets into Venezuela, in support of Maduro.

The mishandled Venezuelan crises situation is the result of poor planning by America, Venezuela, and other countries.

Venezuela is crucial, as what happens in Venezuela will directly affect the the Black and Hispanic communities of the Twin Cities. As we have noted before, in the 1960s, both Martin Luther King and Caesar Chavez went to the border and asked that it be closed, as those crossing the open border were taking jobs that Blacks and Hispanics would have had, and caused wages for those working to be suppressed. For 50 years, both political parties have let this continue, for their own purposes.

In the meantime, it is clear to the trained eye that Donald Trump is taking advantage of helpful diversions, including the meetings he had in Hanoi, Vietnam, the week of February 27, with Vietnam's President Nguyen Phu Trong, and then with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, as well as his upcoming meeting in March, at Mar-a-lago, with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping.

Many are still trying to decipher Donald Trump's playbook (it has been reported that many are seeking clues in Trump's book, The Art of the Deal). Yet Trump is absolutely predictable, which suggests Nancy Pelosi and the new team of Democrats in Congress need to study harder to better understand his playbook.

The same disappointment holds regarding America 4th estate, which has also not figured out the rules of engagement with Trump nor with the special counsel's playbooks, regarding perceived do's, don'ts and can'ts.

In the late spring of this year, expect the United States Supreme Court to be called upon to rule on the moving big political board constitutional pieces of power regarding the authority of the executive branch of the American government. How long will America's future remain in the hands of those in Congress, whether Democrat or Republican, who continue to act as children on a New York city playground? Government, complex and challenging, needs grown ups to recognize fairness, not just power, to maintain equality of opportunity for all, not just for partisan party favorites.

We are reminded of the adults like Thurgood Marshall and colleagues who dealt with Jim Crow by avoiding childish fits of violence and keeping their eyes on the prize. When they found the tough task of undoing Jim Crow causing them "distressed moments," they turned to the single dissent of Justice John Marshall Harlan, a former slave owner, in the "separate but equal" ruling of Plessy v Ferguson, who "grew up" to write that the Constitution as amended (and especially the 14th amendment), "removed the race line from our governmental systems" and prohibited any arbitrary separation of citizens "on the basis of color." We urge the elected and appointed officials in Congress and state houses, to seek that same vision that Thurgood Marshall found in our Constitution.

Stay tuned.

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Web master note from Ron:billboard that went up today in the middle of Times Square


February, 21, 2019 #04: A Violent 2019. Already?

Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues..."
A weekly column by Ron Edwards, as featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

What does the recent gun and drug violence in Minneapolis say to those considering coming to Minneapolis for the NCAA's "March Madness" Men's Final Four Basketball Championship?

Gun violence is escalating in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Citizens learned two and a half weeks ago on their early Sunday news that five had been shot in both affluent and poor neighborhoods.

Two white professional women, mother and daughter, one in her 60s, the other in her mid-40s, were shot and killed in their luxury apartment in downtown Minneapolis, in the same neighborhood as Mayor Jacob Fry. The Chamber of Commerce and other important leaderships demanded explanations from city officials. regarding the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the women in their luxury apartment, just across the river from the Federal Reserve.

The murderer, a next door neighbor, was soon arrested for the killing of the two women.

Two individuals were shot in their car in North Minneapolis, and another person was shot and wounded in the uptown area of south Minneapolis.

Previous to those incidents, on Tuesday February 5th, a Minneapolis School District bus driver was shot and wounded on the exit of 35W and Chicago Avenue, collateral damage of road rage of others. The only student on board, a five-year-old child, was endangered. The school bus driver, a 78-year-old American military veteran, threw himself across the beautiful 5-year-old African American child to shield her when the man attempted to enter the bus to continue shooting.

The driver was shot in the head and arm by an individual wearing a security guard uniform. Police arrived within a minute and apprehended the shooter.

The shooter was a man who had shot and killed a 16-year-old African American in 2015, a man who is a Mall Cop, and one who patrols the Hawthorn Crossing in the African American community.

Two women came to the aid of the bus driver by blocking the bus door, preventing the shooting of the little girl.

The gunman claimed that he was shooting in self-defense. But defending against who? The 78-year-old driver on a bus? The 5-year-old child? The law is clear: it is not considered defense when shooting multiple times.

But there was more than just gun violence. The drug epidemic is also taking a toll. These events cause people to feel unsafe on the streets, unsafe in their homes, and unsafe as they go about their business.
What is the solution? What must be done to solve these acts of violence? I report. I analyse. I make suggestions. It is up to officials and neighborhood leaders to work out the solutions. But I can tell you as one whose boots are on the ground that this is a dangerous environment for our city's citizens and our city's reputation. Is this what Justice Marshall meant by civilization crumbling when important issues are not addressed?

These issues need to be addressed, and done so effectively and swiftly. For some reason, Minneapolis police tell us that auto stops are down 79% and drug arrests are down 45%, showing they are good at keeping records. But we must ask the question of whether there is something lacking in the implementation of solutions leaving these dangerous problem to continue.

In this column, our prayers go to the deceased and to those being threatened. We do not believe this is the Minneapolis that was sold to the NCAA for their 2019 Final Four Championship finals in this city. We hope that the host committee will not be embarrassed by a city that has become unsafe and dangerous, as they prepare for the Final Four in April.

Stay tuned.

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Editorial Note

Police: School bus driver shot after crash on I-94 in Minneapolis - Fox 9:

Feb 5, 2019 - MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) - A school bus driver was shot on westbound Interstate 94 between 11th and Chicago avenues in Minneapolis Tuesday afternoon following an altercation between two drivers. Minneapolis Police spokesperson John Elder said the State Patrol responded to reports of a ...

February, 07, 2019 #03: [No article at this time]

No article at this time

January, 24, 2019 #02: Could Trump allegations lead to a constitutional crisis?

Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues..."
A weekly column by Ron Edwards, as featured in the
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Betrayal is a dangerous charge against anyone entrusted with a nation's security. As this column is being written, the nation is on edge, waiting to know whether to trust President Trump with the protection of America and its constitution. Our nation's safety and security hang in the balance.

The latest allegations that Trump is in collusion with and has greater obedience and relationship to Russia and Vladimir Putin than to America are chilling and not to be dismissed lightly. If true, they threaten the very foundation of the institutions of America's democracy, as this column has long reported.

The reports in newspapers, magazines and journals, broadcast news programs and investigative specials, combined with the review of court filings against the presidents' associates and others, have exposed a potential dark side of those involved in the governance of our country.

The president keeps saying there was no collusion. But, the level of discomfort in our democratic institutions represents clear and present dangers — the kinds that cause nations and their democratic institutions to fail.

One way or another, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on his ongoing investigation will state whether the allegations against the president are seen as true or not true.

"I don't know what that report is going to have in it," said Representative Elijah Cummings during an appearance on 60 Minutes on January 13. "One thing I do know, though, is whatever it is, even if it exonerates the president… I want … the Congress to have it, and I want the public to have it so that everybody can make a judgment," he said.

"We are in a fight for the soul of our democracy," added Rep. Cummings. "This is serious business."

As chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Rep. Cummings will be empowered — and this is key — with constitutional authority to both compel testimony and demand documents, especially those Republicans who have heretofore blocked. As CBS News reported, "the committee has the constitutional authority to investigate anything it wants…making Cummings one of the most powerful people in Washington."

Losing the House may have been the best thing for Republicans, for who would believe Muellers' report? This is why so many Republicans are uneasy, wondering whether the man who was entrusted with America's security is guilty of the allegations of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Not since the secession crisis of 1860 has this country been faced with a constitutional crisis as grave as this one. The branches of government were designed to include everyone — "we the people" — which is why it is imperative that the political parties of this nation quickly devise, commit to and implement a compromise and strategy that will preserve the Articles of the United States Constitution.

Failure to do so will clearly guarantee the collapse of the institutions of government that have been the foundation of the United States of America.

And, Americans need to admit our concern regarding the strengths and the institutions, which have served and protected the United States of America since 1777 (notwithstanding slavery, Jim Crow, treatment of American Indians, and ongoing civil rights battles).

In the meantime, we await Mueller's word. With Cummings and the Democrats in charge, the fear that Mueller's report will be suppressed and lead to a constitutional crisis that would make Watergate pale in comparison is greatly reduced.

Stay tuned.

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January, 10, 2019 #01: 2019 Will Be A Critical Year

Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues..."
A weekly column by Ron Edwards, as featured in the
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Future historians will identify 2019 as a year crucial to determining America's future. There will be a lot of volatility as America continues dividing into opposing factions that attempt to control the others. Only time will tell who will attain and hold the high ground. Consider these 11 questions for 2019, in no particular order. Responses will impact our future:

  1. Will we have a southern wall by December of 2019, and if so will it be effective?
  2. Will we have a strong economy that will remain strong or will it turn weak?
  3. Will the impact of the government shutdown be mild or severe?
  4. What will America's relationship be with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran, and will these nations succeed in strengthening their positions against us in Africa and South America?
  5. Will civil rights provide equality of opportunities for education, jobs and housing or will it lower results by stressing equality through redistribution to achieve "equal" results?
  6. Will we show by our own efforts we can perform at the same level as whites, and, thus let future public and corporate policy be based on the reality we demonstrate?
  7. Will, as Nellie Stone Johnson would ask, the educated part of the black community and churches stop their narrow concentration on those in the middle class and not attend to the civil rights and the right to eat and work of non-middle class blacks in inner cities?
  8. Will Nellie Stone Johnson's concern for the partnership of blacks and whites finally allow blacks who have been written off and left behind as a large residue in urban ghettos, be integrated into the middle class through education, jobs, and housing?
  9. Where will America have a military presence in the world, and what will be the war domain areas beyond the conventional: cyber, environmental, financial, trade, cultural, legal, narrative, etc, none of which resemble the stereotype of conventional warfare seen in movies, especially regarding North Korea's denuclearization stalemate, Beijing's expansion into the South China Sea, Russia's invasion of Ukraine that they might try to expand, and the wars in Yemen and the anarchy in the Congo?
  10. Will Trump and congress relate confrontationally or engage in bipartisan collaboration?
  11. Will America's rainbow of great black, white, brown, and yellow minds and experts correctly evaluate America's path through 2019? In this column, we will be evaluating as well.

It is too early to predict success or failure. We'll know more by the middle of 2019.

Given the conditions we face as a nation, now more than ever is the time to offer prayers for the stability of all communities in 2019, and to offer help and hope to each other.

This column will follow events closely, and report to our readers the issues of the day, and the consequences of the results regarding attempts and failures of daily actions regarding these issues. We will watch these areas and conditions, especially in terms of the seven central theme areas we have written about since 2003:, education, jobs, housing, public safety, safe environment, governing and local economic development, as well as the contests over the ideas presented on how to deal with these issues, as we evaluate how communities of color deal with those seeking to either stabilize or destabilize our communities.

It may sound complex but really it is not. There will be patterns of success and failure based on events and conditions that we in our various communities already expect and already have solutions to propose for our problems, our issues, and our future.

Stay tuned.

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